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Cantata (2022)

for solo-percussion and live-electronics

Circ (2021)

for bass clarinet and electronics

Nocturne (2019)

for solo piano

Spekt (2019)

for solo cello and live-electronics


Lumi (2023) 

for soprano, violin, viola, cello and piano

Under the thresher's flail (2023)

for traverso, tenor recorder, viola d'amore and harpsichord

Umbönd (2023)

for cello, electric guitar and electronics

dwellings (2022)

flute, clarinet, cello, piano and electronics

in own voice (2022)

flute, english horn, bass clarinet and piano

eme (2020)

for (el.) guitar, cello and electronics

Ambit (2019)

for oboe, guitar, cello and live-electronics

...and once the good more (2019)

for electric guitar quartet

About Crickets (2018)

for clarinet, cello, percussion electronics and video

Choral / Vocal

Reflect (2022)

for two singers and live-electronics

Orðfæri (2019)

for mixed choir and percussion

Large Ensemble / Orchestra

Pendulum (2022)

for orchestra

Formations (2021)

for nine musicians

Sound installation

Chimney (2022)

site-specific sound installation for Kirjastopuisto in Tampere, Finland

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